Food Safety Manuals in New Languages

by Keith -

Food safety manualThere are not only moral obligations to maintain high food standards – legal implications, if standards are not met, could include fines, closure of the premises and even prison!

Courses are required to teach food handling and hygiene skills, in and out of the classroom. However, sometimes it can be difficult to remember everything; a crash course is enough to get your certification but continuous professional development should never end. Having a written version of everything you learned during the course can go a long way when it comes to ‘swatting up’ on the theory and ensuring that you’re doing everything right. 

Our printed food safety manual compliments both instructor-led and e-learning training, underpinning the knowledge necessary to be a competent food handler. It covers topics ranging from personal hygiene to food storage.

Because of the diverse range of food available on the streets of the UK and the diverse backgrounds of those that prepare it, we are pleased to announce the launch of our food manuals in many new languages! New additions include Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Hindi.

Part of the philosophy at ProTrainings is to provide a service that will accommodate students far and wide, with different learning styles and languages. This launch is just another addition to the list of manuals available in multiple languages and there are many more to come!

For details of our food safety courses or any other training call ProTrainings on 01206 805359.

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