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SCORM CompliantWe want to tell you about SCORM: It’s so important for larger organisations that need to offer lots of courses, track training progress and maintain control over learning.

What is SCORM?

We went to the source to get an exact definition for you: SCORM stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model’. It defines a specific way of constructing Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and training content so that they work well with other SCORM conformant systems.”

For the techy detail, you can learn more here:

ProTrainings and SCORM

Every ProTrainings course is conformant with SCORM 1.2 and 2004. If your company has its own LMS, then this is fine too! You have two options for training – the ProTrainings LMS or your own LMS.

With either method, we can provide physical certificates with a unique certificate number, that can be validated by a trusted third party. This is alongside CPD credits and an offsite backup of all your training records – everything you’d expect from a course provider.

Why are ProTrainings’ SCORM courses different?

SCORM-based LMS courses have a reputation for being boring, slide-based training courses. Ours aren’t. Every course is video-based with short segments to keep the learner-focused. They feature an expert instructor who is knowledgeable in the material being taught. In addition, every course includes:

  • Remediation to help students learn the material
  • Training questions to reinforce learning
  • A randomised and adaptive test to ensure mastery

Easy integration

Because our SCORM courses support bi-directional communication between your LMS and ours, we’re able to offer more flexible billing options with no minimum spend, onboarding fees, or large upfront investment.

ProTrainings courses hosted on your LMS will have the same accreditation and external verification capabilities as any other ProTrainings course.

Make money – Become a reseller

Do you operate an LMS with a content catalogue for your customers to choose from? Partner with ProTrainings to expand your course offering, and earn whilst they learn. Sell our courses in a revenue-sharing agreement with no upper-limit on commission.

You can work with us to win business; we’re open to negotiate when selling in volume and winning new business. The best part is once customers choose ProTrainings, they never go back and you’ll get paid for repeat purchases.

Call us on 01206 805359 to talk with one of our SCORM specialists about how you can save money, improve your offering and make your training our problem, not yours. Start your trial now.

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