Every ProTrainings course is conformant with SCORM 1.2 and 2004. If your company has its own LMS, then this is good news! You have two options for training -- the ProTrainings LMS or your own LMS. Continue reading to decide which option is right for you.

Your LMS + 3rd Party Verification

Third Party Verification

Unlike other content providers, ProTrainings SCORM courses support bi-directional communication between your LMS and ours with no additional integration work required on either end. This means that ProTrainings courses hosted on your LMS will have the same accreditation and external verification capabilities as any other ProTrainings course.

Do you need physical certificates with a unique certificate number that can be validated by a trusted third party? CPD credits? An offsite backup of all your training records? No worries! This is how all our courses were designed to work from the outset.

Why Use Your Own LMS

A single system
A single system for all employee learning
No new logins
No new logins or passwords to remember
Automaic updates
Automatically updated course content
Centralised records
One location to access all staff learning records
Maiximise your investment
Maximisation of your LMS investment

Not Your Typical LMS Course

SCORM-based LMS courses have a poor reputation for being boring, slide-based training that employees rush through without ever learning anything.

Our courses are different. Every course is video-based with short segments to keep the learner focused. They feature an expert instructor who is knowledgeable in the material being taught. In addition, every course includes:

  • Remediation to help students learn the material
  • Training questions to reinforce learning
  • A randomised and adaptive test to ensure mastery
Watch a sample first aid lesson

How Companies are Using SCORM

LMS Platforms

Do you operate an LMS with a content catalog for your customers to choose from? Partner with ProTrainings to expand your health and safety course offering. In this scenario, we typically work out a revenue sharing agreement or wholesale pricing models.

Large Organisations

Would you like hundreds of accredited health and safety e-learning courses that can be delivered directly from your LMS? Because there is a two-way data exchange between the ProTrainings system and your LMS, we are able to provide a verifiable certification number and CPD credits.

Associations or Professional Groups

Offer a discount to your members and/or collect a revenue share on purchases of e-learning courses. Your members will love the training and appreciate the discounts you're able to offer them.

Schools & Universities

If your school uses Moodle or another SCORM-compliant LMS, then ProTrainings courses will plug in nicely, allowing your students to take the training without having to remember a new username or password.

Flexible Billing Options

Because our SCORM courses support bi-directional communication between your LMS and ours, that means we're able to offer more flexible billing options than anyone else with no minimum spend, onboarding fees, or large upfront investment.

Call us on 01206 807587 to talk with one of our SCORM specialists about loading a sample course on your LMS to give it a go.

Try a SCORM Demo in Your LMS

Talk with one of our SCORM experts to learn more about how our courses will work in your LMS. You can even request a free sample SCORM course to give it a test run before moving forward. We would love to help solve your training problems.

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