A Matter of Life & Death

First aid training is something many people see as necessary workplace training. It is so much more than that for our Managing Director, Keith Sleightholm.

Many years ago, Keith was driving home when a very drunk driver travelling down the wrong side of the road smashed into Keith's car. For twenty minutes, Keith was trapped in the vehicle and nobody stopped to offer comfort or help until an off duty nurse and fireman came upon the accident, provided first aid and alerted the EMS.

From that day to this, it has been Keith's mission to create a society where everyone has some level of first aid knowledge and the confidence to help in an emergency situation. No one should be left waiting for help.

We firmly believe that the more people we can train, the better it is for everybody.

Training Should Be Engaging

If you've ever been forced to sit through a boring, standardised first aid course, then you will understand our motivation for creating ProTrainings. We believe people learn best when they're engaged and having fun learning.

We began by building a network of like-minded instructors who shared our ethos of health and safety training that's fun, engaging and interactive — not dull and boring.

Training should also be more affordable and flexible if you're aiming to reach as many people as possible.

This is best accomplished through online and blended courses, combined with a sprawling instructor network. Reaching millions of people with life-saving training is now a reality.

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