Threat of Choking in Children from Hotdogs

by Keith -

Most of us who have contact with young children are aware of the choking hazards any household will contain. Nuts, small toys, coins, and sweets are the usual suspects.

Choking is the third most common cause of death in children in the U.K.. In 2008 16 children under 15 years old died as a result of choking most of them under 5. In America one child dies a week and reconstituted hotdogs were found to be a major offender, as well as other foods, coins and toys. The shape and texture of a hotdog create a complete blockage when lodged in a young child’s airway.

The advice is to ensure that they are cut lengthways when serving reducing the risk of the hotdog getting lodged in the throat. There is a growing call in the USA to increase awareness of these risks and for foods such as hot dogs and other high risk foods to be labelled in the same way that toys have to be.

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