Picking and installing a defibrillator cabinet

by Keith -

AED CabinetHaving a defibrillator is great. However, ensuring it’s displayed, protected and available in a prominent place is also very important. That’s why we’ve launched a free course to teach people how to install a defibrillator cabinet. The course goes hand in hand with our industry-leading choice of cabinets, available from our website

There are so many cabinets to choose from – we stock more than 10 models! So, how do you find the right one?

How to pick an AED cabinet

To protect your AED, you should choose your cabinet wisely. Here’s what we look for when picking one:

  • IP66 rated against dust and water
  • Outdoor powder coat, to protect against the elements
  • Lighting inside…our favourite on activates in darkness using a motion sensor, and the light can be removed easily to use as a torch
  • Heated, to house the defib at an optimum temperature
  • Viewing window to easily check the status of AED
  • A decent warranty…2 years is good
  • Stainless steel, as it’s hard wearing and corrosion resistant…especially important near the coast
  • Generic hook, to suit any defibrillator

Our favourite: www.protrainings.uk/products/defib-1000-mild-steel-cabinet-unlocked-with-heater-and-led-light?category_id=18

How to install a defibrillator cabinet

Once you’ve got your cabinet, register for our free course here: www.proinstallinganaed.co.uk/training

The course details how to install some of the most advanced cabinets, like the heated and lit one that we featured above. It’ll show you how to check for leaks and how to carry out ongoing maintenance.

The course only takes 18 minutes to complete too!

Want advice? Call us!

We can help find you the right defibrillator, cabinet and help you with the training you need to fit it and use it. Please contact us on 01206 805380 to discuss.

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