Keep safe when you approach an accident scene, don’t become another patient

by Keith -

When you approach any first aid scene you should always use the approach of STOP, THINK, and then ACT

One of the Fears of first aid, is the fear of getting hurt or simply being afraid. This can be addressed by remembering three simple steps STOP, THINK and ACT.

STOP – When you arrive at an emergency scene just stop for a second, assess the scene, think about what has caused the problem, are you able to approach safely? Look out for Electrical dangers, Fire, Traffic, Unknown hazards like gas.

THINK – Think about how are you going to approach, Think about how you are going to activate the emergency services, Think about how you are going to help the person.

ACT – Alert the emergency services, Approach the scene, Deal with the incident but remember never stop monitoring the scene safety.

This simple advice can save you from getting hurt.
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