NEW life-saving HaemoCap™ pressure device 

by Keith -

The HaemoCap™ MultiSite is an innovative new pressure dressing. It can be used with or without a haemostatic agent and can be applied by civilians, first responders, pre-hospital care personnel and the military.

It is your extra pair of hands. Watch more below then read on to find out more!

It was invented by Jake Timothy, a Neurosurgeon who believes that the device has many benefits over traditional bandages, to both the patient and the person applying the device.

Benefits of the HaemoCap™ MultiSite

• Rapid Application

• Multi-site (Head, Neck, Limbs, Axilla)

• Can be applied by one person and those not medically-trained

• Online training available with 3 CPD points

• Semi-transparent so that the wound is visible

• Unlike fabric bandages, it does not draw blood from the wound

• Simple to remove and re-apply after inspecting the wound

• Will not exceed 50 mmHg of pressure

• Compatible with all suction devices

How to use the HaemoCap™ MultiSite


Inspect wound for debris or penetrating objects.

Apply absorbent gauze or dressing to the wound location or place the gauze on the device and then place onto the wound.

Locate HAEMOCAP™ MultiSite centrally over the wound site ensuring absorbent gauze is covered.

Fix firmly using the hook and loop straps. Tear off the surplus strap.


Attach a suitable vacuum pump capable of achieving -250mmHg and evacuate air from the device until the device constricts.


Close the tube using the valve by pushing together.

Remove the vacuum pump by disconnecting from the tube.

To inspect or replace dressing, release pressure from the device by opening the valve on the device tube.

Peel back the device from the wound. Inspect the wound or apply additional absorbent gauze if needed.

Repeat steps 1-3 to reapply HAEMOCAP™ MultiSite.

About the company

Haemoconcepts manufactures a British-designed and built product.

Based in Yorkshire, the medical device company specialises in vacuum compression technology which can be used by civilians in a first response role or trained first responders. The items have applications in the workplace, the military and the even the veterinary market!

Its patented vacuum compression technology was invented by spinal neurosurgeon Jake Timothy. Whilst bandaging a head in theatre very late one night he realised that “There has to be something easier and more effective than this!”

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