Can you please vote for two exceptional pet charities

by Keith -

The Super Dog Awards voting is this month and we support two exceptional entrants to this nationwide competition and we ask you to help them both by taking time to give a vote to each one of these worthy winners.  We have filmed with both of these entrants and it will mean a lot to them both to get your vote.

Team Brainy Dogs – Click here to vote

The Brainy Dogs Team haSuper dogs awardsve been nominated for a Naturo SuperDog Team Award because they are inspiring and the work they are doing is hugely impactful in improving the lives of dogs and people who are vulnerable.

Brainy Dogs is a unique project run by Headway Suffolk that takes rescue dogs who are then trained by volunteers from different sectors: teenagers and adults affected by mental ill-health, veterans, children unable to attend mainstream education, prisoners and probation. The rescue dogs are trained to become companion dogs to people with a brain injury.

London Retired Police Dogs Trust – Click here to vote

Super dogs awardsLondon Retired Police Dogs Trust was launched in 2019 with the sole aim of providing welfare and support to all the retired police dogs of London. It is one of 15 local retired police dog charities that is run by volunteers with numerous awards being paid in full ensuring these wonderful dogs enjoy the retirement they deserve, it’s our way of saying thank you for keeping our communities safe. Reg Charity No 1188072.

Thank you for taking the time to vote.

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