50 Plus First Aid – an online first aid course now live

by Keith -

The first aid training needed for the 50 plus age group are different to that on commercial courses. They are not able to complete “text book” style techniques so we have launched a video based online first aid course aimed at making first aid simple and accessible to everyone.  Visit the site at www.pro50plus.co.uk

The course covers prevention as well as dealing with a variety of accidents and illnesses.  We even cover the basics of treating your pet if they have an accident.  Anyone can log on and buy this course and they can start and stop the training to meet their time.  Access to the course is for 8 months so even after the course is finished you can still use it as reference.  As with all our courses, we include a free PDF downloadable student manual and other downloads like emergency cards.

We have many options for this course including promoting in social groups and even practical training nationally.  For more information please call 01206 585068 or email support@protrainings.uk


  1. As a parent, I think this is a great step in the right direction, with more financial pressure building from the ever changing bennifits to parents.
    Parents will be more reliant on their parents for caring and the welbeing in the family group.

    So I believe that this 50+ package is ideal, not only for Grandparents and the older generation, but importantly for parents, having the reassurance while being away from home or work in sometimes difficult times.
    Thanks Nigel

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