Expand your business with e-learning

With the growing popularity of e-learning, your role as a traditional classroom instructor is evolving to provide the next level of specialised education. While some instructors may fear that e-learning will reduce their training business, you have an exciting opportunity to grow your business with tools that make it easy for you to be part of this technological shift.

As a ProTrainings instructor, you can consult with students and businesses to offer e-learning as an option when your client needs it, giving you a distinct advantage over other instructors. Rather than being limited by your ability to teach at a certain place and time, e-learning courses can stand alone or augment your classroom training with a blended course format, so you can continue to teach your classroom courses while you make passive income from any e-learning you refer.

When you join the ProTrainings instructor network, you will have access to support for building your business, including training advice, tips and tricks. As part of the team, there are plenty of networking opportunities with instructors across the whole UK.

If you want to start or expand your business, join the hundreds of ProTrainings instructors who already enjoy the benefits of having such a powerful training partner.

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