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Current ProTrainings instructors can find helpful links, videos and answers to common questions here. If you're having trouble finding something, please call us for assistance. Many other resources can also be found through your instructor dashboard login.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in becoming an instructor for us, please contact us on t01206 805359 to discuss your choices or email us on and we can call or contact you back. As an instructor, you can teach classroom courses using our curriculum and will also make commissions off all online courses that your students take.

Setting up as a ProTrainings Instructor from ProTrainings Europe Ltd on Vimeo.

  • You must be an approved, publicly viewable, current instructor in good standing with ProTrainings
  • When you create courses on your company dashboard, be sure to mark them as public
  • You may create recurring classes from the Classroom Centre so you can schedule multiple courses at once
  • When students search your postal code on ProCourses, we will show any upcoming courses you are running and allow students to sign up to help you fill your class

The logo you upload in "Account Settings" will display on student classroom certificates, so make sure you use a high-quality logo or else it will not print well on the certificate.  You do not have to upload a logo but it is a good sales promotion for you. You cannot add your logo to a regulated certificate.

To publish courses on ProCourses, an instructor must apply to become an instructor for ProTrainings and agree to teach courses and issue certificates according to the ProTrainings curriculum. Learn more about becoming an instructor.

A skill evaluator just has to practically assess the skills for someone who has completed an online course with ProTrainings.  It is a nice extra income for a little work.

  • Charges up to £50 for a 20-30 minute skill evaluation or more if you want but it will restrict the number of leads.
  • Conducts an entire course (written test as well as hands-on evaluation) in person.
  • An evaluation schedule allows you to list specific recurring times that you will be available to perform skill (or RQF) evaluations
  • These will show up on ProCourses so students know what times they are able to just stop by for an evaluation
  • We suggest setting times for several months (at least) in advance so students can plan ahead
  • You may wish to schedule a couple of hours at the end of your scheduled normal classroom courses so you have no other costs
  • Do not let people down they will never come back and they will spread bad news about you
  • This feature can be revoked if you do not honor the schedule you set
  • Certificate credit must be purchased in order to mark students passed in classrooms you teach in order for them to receive certificates
  • Each course may cost a different amount of certificate credit per student
  • An additional cost is required to pass students in a RQF course (be sure to collect this amount when the student comes to the class)

Accessing your free online courses. As an instructor, you will need to complete some free online courses with us. Some are annual, some are three yearly. You will find these in the training section of your dashboard, not the admin section of your dashboard. Data protection is available for you, you just click "begin" and that one has to be renewed every three years, and there is also first aid at work annual refresher available to you, and AED.

As the number of people being diagnosed with COVID -19 increases around the world, we are contacting you to assure you of our continued commitment to you our customers and instructors.

While we have no control over the limitations that may be placed on courses that require contact training, we can assure you that we already have a robust business continuity plan in place and do not expect there to be any interruption to our online courses and customer support services.

Foremost in our minds at this time is the safety and protection of our staff, to achieve this our key personnel will continue to provide support to all our customers while working remotely.  We would be grateful if you make use of our online CHAT system in the first instance as this will make it easier for the support team to provide immediate assistance or to direct your enquiry to the person who can provide you with the information you need.

We will do our best to keep you updated about the impact of the situation as more information becomes available.

We wish you all good health and sincerely hope that this situation passes quickly with minimal consequences to your health and prosperity.

We have produced a free Coronavirus COVID 19 awareness course, with the aim of saving lives by teaching the public how to take precautions against Coronavirus COVID 19.
This course is designed to give the general population life-saving advice about the virus, helping them to avoid catching it and how to safely help someone with it.
Take the course:
The e-learning course can be completed whilst learners are in self-isolation and no classroom is needed so that social distancing can learn at their convenience away from others. The series of video learning aids are available on both desktop and mobile devices and followed by knowledge review questions and a test to complete.
  • Introduction
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Preventing transmission
  • Avoiding the virus
  • Taking precautions
  • Using PPE effectively
  • Self-isolation
  • Coping with stress
  • Coronavirus with pets
Knowing that this course may be distributed widely by companies to their staff, free company dashboards are available to track learners’ progress. Training and HR teams can view who has completed it and what they scored, all in one place.
At the time of filming, countries are closing down, job are being put on hold and people’s lives are in turmoil. ProTrainings advises that individuals follow the ever-changing advice set out by Government and health officials, alongside the factual advice presented in the course.
Take the course: and find out more information on other ProTrainings online courses and classroom courses visit our website.

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