Health & Safety: It's Important

Health and safety training is about more than just ticking a box, especially with topics as important as CPR or first aid. We make sure you learn and retain the information by letting you pause and rewind, access videos for up to 8 months after purchase and refresh your skills with a different video every week by email.

We even do the little things to make sure you really learn the material — test questions that are randomised; topics that require mastery to pass the course; and video remediation that is customised to you.

Convenience without sacrificing quality

Some e-learning courses claim to teach you advanced skills and then proceed with a lecture using powerpoint-based slides rather than in-depth video demonstrations.

With ProTrainings e-learning, you won't be making any sacrifices in the quality of your education. In fact, you get a front-row seat in the class.

Sample Video: Estimating Blood Volume

See what our customers say:

Great value basic course

~George, a Physician in Monmouthshire
Basic Life Support (BLS) Level 1 (VTQ)
Despite being online, I found this to be the most interesting and engaging ILS course I have ever attended. I found all of the speakers to be clear and effective at delivering the information and it was clear that they were speaking from real-life experience rather than just reading from a manual. I would definitely do this course again. Many thanks

~Angela, a Dental Sedationist in Kent
Immediate Life Support for Dentists (ILS) Level 3 (VTQ)
this was very good information and very useful

First Aid for Knife Attacks Level 2 (VTQ)
I found the videos instructive and pitched at a level for easy understanding

~Ron, a Artist in Tyne and Wear
Tattoo Infection Control Level 2 (VTQ)
excellent concise video tutorials very engaging

Immediate Life Support (ILS) Level 3 (VTQ)
Very good training!

~Dr Odile, a GP in London
Paediatric Immediate Life Support (PILS) Level 3 (VTQ)
Easy to follow course that was informative and enjoyable!

~Katrina in Essex
Basic Life Support (BLS) for Dentists Level 2 (VTQ)
It has been a great refreshing course

~Pamela, a Teacher in Galicia
Paediatric 1 day First Aid for Nannies and Au Pairs
Actually, it is very useful. The course is an assurance of what one may already know. Good to refresh the brain.

First Aid for Knife Attacks Level 2 (VTQ)
The BLS training is made very easy and understandable

~Francesco in CT
Basic Life Support (BLS) Level 2 (VTQ)

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