Pet Wrap pack of 4 - Width 5cm x 4.5m

£19.95 + VAT

Pet Wrap pack of 4 - Width 5cm x 4.5m

Pet bandage that does not stick to fur that comes in a bright colour. As you wrap this on it sticks to itself not the fur so it is an effective dressing to hold a gauze pad on and stop minor bleeding.

Do not overtighten this when you apply it, place a finger under the dressing as you apply to ensure you put it on at the correct tension.

The self-adhesive bandage made of non-woven fabric, the porous fabric allows for ventilation, self-adhesive bandages are soft, light and breathable, less irritation to skins because latex free which is good for the skin and better for healing.

Width 5cm x 4.5m

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