Spinal board

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Spinal board

Hi-Vis Orange PE material spinal board



Spinal Boards in various forms, have remained the gold standard of post-trauma management where damage to the spine or neck is established, or suspected. The product is an essential item for any emergency professional and is invaluable in avoiding further injury by immobilising the patient prior to transit. A standard item on every NHS ambulance, spinal boards also have a wide range of uses in the Workplace, Schools, Sports Centres and Funeral Services.

• Can also be used with head immobiliser
• X-ray compatible, due to its translucent properties
• Offers full body immobilisation
• High density, polyethylene plastic
• Impervious to bodily fluids
• Easy to clean


Additional information

Size: 5cmH x 46cmW x 184cmL
Board Weight: 7kg
Maximum Load: up to 159kg


Item #: 3030
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