Spider Strap E-3041

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Spider Strap E-3041


Designed specifically for use with the Code Red™ Spinal Board or Rescue Stretchers, this clever device is both simple, fast, and effective. The Spider Strap literally gets its name from a clever combination of design innovation and practicality. The device dramatically reduces the risk of patient movement while being transported on a spinal board. Without causing any discomfort, the patient is literally strapped firmly to the equipment by the torso and limbs. Considering the purpose of a spinal board is to limit movement, the aptly named Spider Strap is a must-have accessory that will quickly prove an indispensable addition to your emergency kit.


Reduces the risk of patient movement.
Suitable for boards and stretchers.
10 straps.
High strength Velcro.
Fixed and secure in seconds.

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Open  6cmH x 44cmW x 190cmD

Item #: 3041

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