Res-Q-Vac Combined Adult Rigid/Wide & Child 10FG Responder Kit

£74.95 + VAT

Res-Q-Vac Combined Adult Rigid/Wide & Child 10FG Responder Kit

  • Portable
  • Manual power
  • Reusable pump handle
  • 300ml canister
  • Powerful vacuum
  • Custom configurations
  • Versatile
  • Patented Full Stop Protection
  • Whistle-tipped catheters
  • Continuous suctioning
  • Moulded ABS plastic
  • Silent operation
  • Highly visible carrying pouch

RES-Q-VAC Responder Kits

Each combined RES-Q-VAC Responder Kit is supplied with a pump handle, FSP canister, soft or rigid adult catheter, 10fg paediatric catheter and carry bag.

Portable – Lightweight and compact for challenging conditions.
Manual power – No batteries or electricity required.
Reusable pump handle – Minimal effort required and can be used repeatedly.
300ml canister – Simply attaches to pump handle. Filtered and non-filtered options with gradations for easy monitoring.
Powerful vacuum – Comparable to electric wall suction at >600mmHg. Can easily clear vomit, clotting blood and mucus.
Custom configurations – Can be customised for an infant to adult suctioning in sterile and non-sterile options.
Versatile – Wide range of kits for a vast variety of markets including hospital, EMS, long-term healthcare, home care etc.
Patented Full Stop Protection – 0.22 Micron filter – safeguards from pathogens and infectious diseases. Prevents fluid overflow even when the canister is filled to capacity.
Whistle-tipped catheters – Hospital grade – prevents tissue damage. Equipped with push connectors for ease of use.
Continuous suctioning – Suctions until fluids/obstructions clear tubing with little pumping required.
Moulded ABS plastic – Rugged, durable and operates under temperatures ranging from 0-140 degrees Fahrenheit.
Silent operation – Eliminates patient anxiety that can be triggered by complicated set-up and loud noises created by electric pumps.
Highly visible carrying pouch – Easy to locate for rapid emergency access. Provides ample storage for suctioning equipment yet is compact.

To order:

Combined adult rigid/child responder kit – Timesco code: TDM-RQV-600
Combined adult soft/child responder kit – Timesco code: TDM-RQV-610

Replacement RES-Q-VAC Responder Kits (excludes pump handle):

Replacement combined adult rigid/child responder kit – Timesco code: TDM-RQV-700
Replacement combined adult soft/wide & child responder kit – Timesco code: TDM-RQV-710

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