Pack of 4 Practiman adult/child manikins with bag (E-MB-004B)

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Pack of 4 Practiman adult/child manikins with bag (E-MB-004B)

Pack of 4 Practiman manikin that adjusts as an adult or child manikin for CPR practice. With the regualtions for 1 manikin per 4 learners, the Practiman saves you having to have a child and an adult version, saving money and space. Ideal for all training lessons as it offers a full feature manikin but at an affordable price. See the video at

This manikin is a light easy to handle manikin andwith a single carry bag to hold the 4 manikins. THe Practiman manikin is an easy to use amnikin with only 4 main parts, making it simple and trouble free.

- Adult or child settings by the use of a simple switch on the back of the manikin

- Lightweight at only 2.2 kg

- Hygenic and easy to clean

- Exhaled air vents in the back of the manikin therefore does not blow back on next student therefore inproving infection control

- Comes with 5 lungs and spare valves per manikin

Item #: E-MB-004B

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