"Optima Mini Pocket Diagnostic Set - 2505.275.75"

£139.95 + VAT

"Optima Mini Pocket Diagnostic Set - 2505.275.75"

  • Pocket Ophthalmoscope complete with handle
  • Pocket Otoscope complete with handle
  • Spare bulb for Otoscope
  • Spare bulb for Ophthalmoscope
  • Hard Plastic Case
  • 3-year guarantee – excluding consumables

Optima Mini Pocket Diagnostic Set containing a Pocket Ophthalmoscope complete with handle, Pocket Otoscope complete with handle, Spare bulb for Otoscope, Spare bulb for Ophthalmoscope all within a hard plastic case.

Brand: 2505.275.75
Item #: 2505.275.75

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