FFP3 Masks Box of 20 5-080

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FFP3 Masks Box of 20 5-080

These disposable FFP3 face masks meet the requirements of EU Standard EN149:2001 + AI:2009. They provide  top level comfort and protection for individuals in high-risk environments.  The cushion-fit lining allows for these masks to be worn for longer periods of time with less irritation for the wearer.


  • Single-shift use and non-sterile
  • Designed to fit tightly and create a seal between the face and the mask, forcing air to go through the filter
  • Skin-friendly, odourless
  • Fibre-glass and latex-free
  • Protects against solids, water-based aerosols and oil-based aerosols, reducing small particles inhaled and exhaled by the wearer.
Brand: McKinnon Medical
Item #: MKMFFP3

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