Advanced Pet First Aid Kit 8-002

£18.00 + VAT

Advanced Pet First Aid Kit 8-002

Advanced Pet First Aid Kit which contains a wide range of equipment and treatments for pet owners and pet professionals.


1 Tick remover in a blister pack
1 Bio-Hazard Bag single
1 Tuffcut Scissors
1 Burncare 10cmx10cm
2 Gloves P/F a pair
1 Cohesive pet Bandage
1 Instant Ice pack Mini
2 Medium dressing 12cmx12cm
2 Low adherent dressing 5cm x5 cm
4 Wipes
1 Foil blanket 160cmx210cm
1 Triangular Bandage
1 Microporus Tape
1 Eye pad Dressing
1 Tweezer Flat
2 Reliwash pod 20ml
1 Pet First Aid Advance Bag

1 Thermometer

Brand: ProTrainings
Item #: E-ADV-PET-FAKit

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