Blizzard heat casualty blanket

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Blizzard heat casualty blanket

A lighter smaller version of the Blizzard Heat.

Developed in conjunction with the British military, the Blizzard Heated Blanket BPS-16 product includes a large insulating blanket with hook and loop front fastening, 4 fast acting oxygen activated heat pads.

The Blizzard Heated Blanket BPS-16 is an effective aid in the prevention and treatment of hypothermia.

The Blizzard Heated Blanket BPS-16 is made from Reflexcell™ providing unrivalled warmth and thermal qualities.

The Blizzard Heated Blanket BPS-16 is an ideal choice for Trauma casualties and is one of the products used by Ambulance HART teams across the UK.

It is also an ideal choice for Search and Rescue teams looking for a light weight active heat blanket.

Size packed 25cm x 13cm x 7cm.

Weight: 1.1kg.
Size (unpacked): 2.30m (length) x 2.0m (width).
Colour: Orange

What makes Blizzard's Reflexcell™ products so warm?

  • The cells in the material trap warm, still air, providing insulation.
  • The silver reflective surfaces block radiated heat.
  • The elastic causes the material to hug the body, stopping drafts, reducing convection, and keeping the material right next to you where it is needed.
  • The outer layer is completely waterproof and windproof.
  • Unlike most other insulating materials, ours works just as well when wet.


Brand: Blizzard Blankets
Item #: E-BH-03

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