Blizzard baby wrap

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Blizzard baby wrap

The Blizzard Baby Wrap is a high performing insulating pouch, which is wind proof and water proof.

Developed in conjunction with London Ambulance Service the Blizzard Baby Wrap is designed to help keep neonates (new born babies) warm.

The Blizzard Baby Wrap comes with a self-adhesive front opening that can be opened and closed as often as required to examine or treat the baby.

Made from Reflexcell™ the Blizzard Baby Wrap is wind proof and water proof providing unrivalled warmth and thermal qualities and comes in a very small pack no larger than a mobile phone.

Size (vacuum packed): 10cm x 7cm x 1cm.

Weight: 55 grams.
Size (unpacked): Length 65cm x width 24cm.
Colour: Orange.

Brand: Blizzard blankets
Item #: BPS-23
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