Basic student training pack - 10 units

£19.50 + VAT

Basic student training pack - 10 units

The Pro standard First Aid training Student Kit is designed to allow you to reduce any risk of infection by providing the items each student needs in a heavy-duty sealed bag.  The bags are labelled so each student can write their name, for easy identification. 

Order 50 kits and they can be labelled to include your name, phone number and web address. If you want to purchase 50 units or more, please go to the personalised pro-student kit standard page by clicking here.

Each kit contains:

1 x HSE medium dressing
1 x Triangular bandage
1 x Face shield (CPR)
1 x Plaster
1 x Pair of gloves

The exact brand of contents may vary.

Suitable for EFAW and other first aid courses.  For FAW see Pro Deluxe student kit.

Upgrade with a non-surgical mask for your students to wear for an extra £0.50 plus VAT per pack - click here.

Brand: ProTrainings

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