Bariatric FRED CPR Simulaids Manikin LF03750

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Bariatric FRED CPR Simulaids Manikin LF03750

Students always wonder how CPR manikins will compare with real victims, especially those who are older or obese. This unique manikin helps to prepare students to respond to a more typical cardiac arrest event with a victim who is elderly and overweight. Features: elderly physical appearance, a large body type with extra “fat” layer, realistic head tilt and chin lift for opening the airway, and palpable and visual anatomical landmarks, including the sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch. The airway can be manipulated to simulate airway obstruction or choking situations. Also includes three mouth/nose pieces, three disposable lung/airway systems, and a convenient carrying bag. Five-year warranty.

Item #: LF03750

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