Online training firm launch life-saving programme for over 50s

Research conducted by a Colchester-based national first aid training company has found that elderly men are more reluctant than most to contact the ambulance service in an emergency.

COLCHESTER, May 18, 2012

ProTrainings Europe Ltd also found that people over the age of 50 are most likely to experience a potentially life-threatening emergency when they’re with their partner, but many lack the vital first aid and CPR knowledge that could save their partner’s life.

The firm began the research after Managing Director Keith Sleightholm was approached by Paul Springer of the Age Related Diseases and Health Trust (ART) who was concerned that many elderly people were not fully trained in CPR and would therefore not be able to help if their partner suffered a fall, stroke or heart attack.

“I looked around for flexible training courses but there was nothing to cater for elderly people who, for whatever reason, might not be able to leave the house,” says Keith.

“After extensive research, I became frustrated with the lack of training and support offered to the over 50s age group, especially as they are more vulnerable and could benefit most from first aid training.

“It’s vital for older people to have at least a basic knowledge of lifesaving techniques which would give them the confidence to act in an emergency.”

Using the existing software developed by ProTrainings Europe Ltd for a range of other training courses, Keith developed the Pro 50 Plus programme as a solution; an interactive learning site which provides simple, practical instructions and advice on what to do in a variety of situations, from a partner collapsing on a bowling green to a grandchild suffering a reaction to a nut allergy.

“In most cases, learning simple first aid and CPR skills could prove invaluable so I wanted to make the website and learning facilities as easy to use as possible,” says Keith.

“The video-based system works particularly well as students can watch actors in role play demonstrating how to act in various scenarios. There’s no rigid course structure or deadline so people can learn at their own pace, and if students aren’t confident using a computer then our trained instructors will visit them at clubs or community centres.”

The course costs just £24.95 plus VAT and includes a printable student manual and video access for eight months. ProTrainings Europe Ltd also offer a free online video course for schoolchildren to equip them with knowledge and skills that could save lives, as well as online courses in pet first aid.

Paul Springer, CEO of ART, says: “I have been looking for a training course like this for years as I’ve always been deeply concerned that most people, especially in the over 50s age group, have no first aid training at all.

“It’s wonderful to finally see an interactive site which addresses this problem in manner that’s clear, unthreatening and easy to follow. For the sake of our national resilience, our health and our sense of community across all social divides, I would urge anyone to take this training and equip themselves with skills which could one day save a life.”

Pro 50 Plus is also supplemented by a social media group on Facebook where students can interact with each other and ask any questions they might have.

“Ultimately we want to equip every single person in the country with these skills, but our focus with this course is on the over 50s age group as these skills are not only valuable but essential to them, particularly if their partners rely on them.”

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