Local H&S Hero to provide FREE live-saving first aid training for every secondary school pupil in England!

Keith Sleightholm, an avid campaigner for first aid training in schools and Managing Director of pioneering training company, is offering a FREE service to teach every secondary school pupil in England basic live-saving first aid skills.

COLCHESTER, May 18, 2017

Working with industry experts, Keith's company ProTrainings Europe, has developed a unique e-learning programme exclusively for the younger generation. The course is now available to every school and college in England, free of charge. 

Brainchild of this ambition plan, Keith said, “There are lot of campaigns out there to put first aid onto the national curriculum. This hasn't happened yet. By offering this course for free to every school or college in England, there's now no excuse to shy away from the subject. One hour is all it takes to instil this lifelong skill with the next generation, who will no doubt find it extremely useful for decades to come." 

The one hour online lesson can be integrated into a variety of different subjects within the school curriculum. Video scenarios and text prompts will guide students through what to do in a range of emergencies, including how to give CPR. 

Students are then tested on their knowledge by answering multiple choice questions. Once the participants correctly answer the questions, they are awarded with a certificate and student first aid manual. 

The online training course will equip students with vital first aid and CPR knowledge which will give them the confidence to act in a range of emergencies, from bee stings to broken bones. 

“If one life is saved as a result of offering this free training, then our work is done!" 

What you can expect from the free E-Learning First Aid course.

Students will learn how to tell if somebody is unconscious, whether they are breathing, how to identify a cardiac arrest and how to perform CPR. Other useful skills are included, such as how to aid somebody that is choking, somebody who has broken a bone, having a stroke or suffering anaphylaxis. 

How you can apply to use the course for your institution.

The course is also available all schools and colleges in England. It can also be made available to after?school clubs, sporting clubs and scout groups, as well as to those in Further Education. 

If institutions would like further practical training, ProTrainings Europe offer a variety of classroom based training. With over 1,000 instructors covering the whole of England, schools can take the opportunity to build on the E-Learning courses with hands-¬on training at their facility. 

For more information visit the dedicated new website, www.studentfirstaid.co.uk or contact ProTrainings Europe Ltd on 01206 805359

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