Instructor Preparation - Online Blended Part 1

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Prepare for your instructor training and refresh your skills, making you the most engaging instructor you can be.
£250.00 + VAT
14 Ratings
£250.00 + VAT
CPD Certified Provider of Training Excellence Online Training Approved by Skills for Care
Video Playtime

8 hours and 35 minutes

Video Count

156 videos





Proof of Completion


This Course Includes:

  • Follows UK & ERC guidelines
  • Endorsed by Skills for Care & TQUK
  • 7.0 hrs CPD Certificate
  • Evidence Based Training Certificate
  • Instant printable wall certificate
  • 24/7 on-demand video
  • Access on mobile
  • Weekly refresher video
  • Expiration reminder
  • Student manual

Preview the course content:

Section 1

Instructor preparation and update course introduction

8 mins
3 videos
This section includes:
  • Course introduction 2:16
  • How to find the ITG classroom in Colchester 2:26
  • Generic Course Home 3:22
Section 2

FAW Blended Part One Introduction and Regulations

10 mins
5 videos
This section includes:
  • Course overview 1:54
  • First Aid At Work Rules and Regulations 1:48
  • The Accident Book 1:51
  • and more...
Section 3

The Human Body

34 mins
11 videos
This section includes:
  • Introduction to the human body 0:38
  • Anatomical Terminology 1:47
  • Respiratory Injuries Part One 4:29
  • and more...
Section 4

First Aid the Initial Steps

45 mins
13 videos
This section includes:
  • Asking permission and consent to help 3:37
  • Calling the Emergency Services 4:25
  • What3Words - location app 1:59
  • and more...
Section 5

Cardiac Arrest and Heart Conditions

56 mins
17 videos
This section includes:
  • Adult CPR Introduction 2:17
  • Heart Attack 1:26
  • Heart Attack Position 1:24
  • and more...
Section 6

Choking Management

8 mins
2 videos
This section includes:
  • Choking Recognition 3:08
  • Adult Choking 5:10
Section 7

Bleeding Control

19 mins
9 videos
This section includes:
  • Types of Bleed 2:05
  • Serious Bleeding and Bandaging 2:53
  • Excessive Blood Loss 2:09
  • and more...
Section 8

Catastrophic Bleeding

50 mins
18 videos
This section includes:
  • Why is this Training Now Required? 2:15
  • Prioritising first aid 3:32
  • Bleeding assessment 2:22
  • and more...
Section 9

Shock and Spinal Injury

9 mins
3 videos
This section includes:
  • Shock 2:57
  • Spinal Injury 2:57
  • Spinal Recovery Position 3:10
Section 10


74 mins
21 videos
This section includes:
  • Secondary Care Introduction 1:24
  • Injury Assessment 4:29
  • Strains and Sprains and the RICE procedure 3:36
  • and more...
Section 11


46 mins
13 videos
This section includes:
  • Illness assessment and SAMPLE 3:56
  • Allergic reactions and Anaphylaxis treatment 6:26
  • Minor allergic reactions 1:44
  • and more...
Section 12

Introduction to Paediatric and Adult First Aid

1 mins
1 videos
This section includes:
  • Infant Recovery Position 1:14
Section 13

Paediatric CPR and Choking

23 mins
6 videos
This section includes:
  • Paediatric CPR Introduction 1:03
  • Child CPR 3:59
  • Child CPR Breakdown 4:00
  • and more...
Section 14

Specific Paediatric Conditions

19 mins
5 videos
This section includes:
  • Childhood Illnesses and Accidents 3:38
  • Foreign objects in the eye, ears or nose 2:16
  • Meningitis 5:10
  • and more...
Section 15

How to use an AED

47 mins
10 videos
This section includes:
  • Types of AED Units 3:29
  • AED Setup 6:27
  • How to Use an AED 9:15
  • and more...
Section 16

Extra Subjects to allow you to teach specialist courses

24 mins
8 videos
This section includes:
  • Using Suction Devices 2:18
  • Disposable Suction Device 2:35
  • Reusable Suction Devices 1:13
  • and more...
Section 17

Teaching Equipment

30 mins
9 videos
This section includes:
  • First Aid Teaching Equipment 5:36
  • Buying first aid supplies 2:34
  • Manikins types 5:27
  • and more...
Section 18


3 mins
2 videos
This section includes:
  • Your practical lesson 1:33
  • Course summary 2:01

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Some professionals that may need a Instructor course include:

  • First aid instructor candidates
  • AED instructor candidates
  • Refresher for existing instructors

More about this course

This course will not on its own allow you to become an instructor but it is used as a preparation course before attending a first aid instructor course to give background information on adult, child and infant first aid.  The course also includes modules to prepare you for the AED instructor course. To complete your instructor training you will need to also attend our first aid instructor courses with our sister company, ITG Instructor Training Ltd. The instructor rating is subject to completing the full course and completing the First Aid at Work course unless you are exempt.  To fully set up with ProTrainings, you will need to complete a centre application and pay the fee.

on completing this course and completing the practical 4-day course by ITG, you will also receive a regulated Level 3 First Aid at Work qualification.

This online course is free for instructors attending a ProTrainings or ITG first aid instructor course to prepare you for your training.  To set up a ProTrainings centre, the cost is £250 plus VAT, which will then credit your account with £175 plus VAT in certificate credit. Therefore, you do not pay the first £175 plus VAT of certificates.

This course gives learners the opportunity to gain a formally recognised regulated qualification. If you require funding, a regulated qualification is often required. Phone us and we can advise if needed. If you choose our course leading to a regulated qualification, there are additional assessment criteria to be undertaken with an instructor and a small extra certification charge.

Regulated Qualification Details
Course Title: TQUK Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (RQF)
QAN: 603/2169/6
Level: 3
Credit Value: 3
TQT: 18
The Register of Regulated Qualifications
  • Introduction to your course
  • Adult First Aid
  • Child First Aid
  • Infant First Aid
  • AED

This course comes with 7.0 hours of CPD, although the time to complete the course online may be less than this. Total course time includes 8 hours and 35 minutes of video training as well as knowledge reviews, final test, remedial help and reviewing downloaded material.

The content of this and all our courses has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement as well as a ProTrainings Certificate and for online courses an Evidence Based Learning statement.

  • Form 15 - Open Response - Paediatric First Aid Level 3 Theoretical Assessment
  • ProForm 10 - Open Response - FAW and FAW Requalification Level 3 Theoretical Assessment
  • ProTrainings - COVID-19 Update on CPR from the UK Resus Council
  • Student Manual (V8.6) - Workplace First Aid
  • Adult CPR Flowchart
  • Adult CPR Flowchart handout/poster
  • CQC website link
  • Catastrophic bleeding and trauma First Aid Guidance From ProTrainings
  • CellAED for Life membership
  • CellAED® personal AED
  • Child CPR Flowchart
  • Child CPR Flowchart handout/poster
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) link to the NHS website
  • Data Protection Act 1998 download
  • Decisions relating to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and not delivering CPR
  • EpiPen patient information sheet
  • FE Week Website for information on Further Education
  • Find a classroom course locally
  • Find out what other courses are available as video online, blended and classroom courses nationally on our course finder
  • First Aid and Social Distancing poster
  • First Responder Care Essentials Book on Amazon
  • Free student first aid program leaflet
  • Guidance on the use of adrenaline auto-injectors in schools
  • HeartSine 350 Information Leaflet
  • HeartStart FR3
  • Heartsine 350 AED unit
  • Heartsine 500 AED unit
  • How to use Celox Haemstatic gauze
  • IPAD SP1 AED Owners Leaflet
  • Infant CPR Flowchart
  • Infant CPR Flowchart handout/poster
  • Link to ICO Website
  • Link to the HSE website
  • Meningitis Now website with many leaflets and resources link
  • NHS Choices Web link
  • Nitronox/Entonox User Instructions - Gas rentals are available from ProTrainings, contact us for more information
  • Oxygen User Instructions - Gas rentals are available from ProTrainings, contact us for more information
  • ProTrainings Skill evaluator manual
  • RIDDOR October 2013 Changes
  • Regulated - COVID 19 Pre-Screen Student Evaluation Form
  • Sign up for free Student First Aid - use code SCH-376-61-571
  • Student Manual (V7.0) - First Aid - Arabic
  • Student Manual (V7.0) - First Aid - Spanish
  • Student Manual (V8.3) - Pierwsza Pomoc w Pracy Ksiazka studenta - Polish
  • Student Manual (V8.6) - Anatomy and Physiology Human Body
  • Student Manual (V8.6) - First Aid - Welsh
  • Tourniquet Instructions leaflet
  • Visit the First Aid Show free for first aid and medical videos
  • Workplace Accident Book
  • Woundclot - haemostatic gauze for all types of bleeding
  • Zoll AED Plus user guide
  • Zoll AED Pro User Guide


Here’s what our customers have to say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer the instructor training for this course?

Yes, we offer a full range of instructor courses and regulated teaching and assessing qualifications through our sister company ITG Instructor Training Ltd.  For more details ohone ITG on 01206 805380.

What is CPD and why is having Certified CPD important?

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and is required in many business sectors. Even if you do not require a set CPD credit level, having Certifed CPD ensures the quality of training. ProTrainings are the highest gold standard of CPD ensuring that all courses are externally verified and mapped to the highest levels.

What is "SCORM ready" and will courses run on a LMS?

SCORM Ready means that online courses can run on any compatible Learning Management System (LMS). SCORM courses run seamlessly on your existing LMS system without a separate login so staff only login using the existing company system. ProTrainings online courses have an advanced SCORM ready system to give more features than any other company.

Do I receive a certificate after completing your online training?

Yes, when you complete the online course you will be able to download and print a compliant completion certificate, evidenced-based learning statement to confirm course content and a certified CPD statement. There is no extra charge for the certificate.  You can also buy a printed certificate to be posted to you for a small extra fee.

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