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by Keith -

World Restart a Heart DayOn October 16th, it’s World Restart-A-Heart Day. To celebrate, we have an incredible defibrillator offer lasting until the end of October 2018.

Here’s what you need to know:

With every HeartSine defibrillator, we’ll be upgrading your package for free!

*  Purchase a HeartSine Bronze Package, get an upgrade to the Silver Package
*  Purchase a HeartSine Silver Package, get an upgrade to the Gold Package

For information and to download our HeartSine offer leaflet click: AED

To view our range of HeartSine defibrillators, click here: AED Units or phone 01206 805380.

World Restart-A-Heart day is designed to raise awareness of Cardiac Arrest and CPR practices. Each year, it aims to increase the number of people able to give life-saving CPR, which may save 100,000 lives in Europe per year. That sounds like a cause we can all get behind!

You can also help by educating yourself. Take our Defibrillator and CPR course here:

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