EpiPen® shortage is nuts!

by Keith -

anaphylaxis A life-saving device which helps to counter anaphylaxis is running out of stock in the UK.  Owners are being told not to throw out their out-of-date devices because they may not be able to get their hands on new ones…?

Allergy-sufferers are now being told that they can use their EpiPens® even after they’ve expired, for up to 4 months! The injection has a 12-month use-by date, but this change could see the life of devices being extended to 16 months until stocks arrive at UK shores.

The government is apparently working to solve the supply issue with the manufacturer of the auto-injector, which is the most widely used device of its kind.

Most EpiPen® owners carry two of them around at all times, ready to counter the severe reactions they face when coming into contact with a variety of allergens including nuts, fish, seafood and fruits.

The shortage has pushed some doctors to prescribe alternative auto-injectors, and the extra demand has led to dwindling supplies of similar devices produced by other brands.

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  1. I am some what in a quandary when the Coroner Mentioned the development of an auto injector with a longer needle . There has been such a device for a few years now . It is known as the Emerade . It has 3 different dosages.

  2. Yes, Emerade is an auto injector used for the same purpose as EpiPen. We sometimes over emphasize the use of one manufacturer, probably that’s probably why EpiPen is in short supply?.

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