ProTrainings provide more than ever before!

by Keith -

ProTrainingsYou don’t need a training provider. You need a training partner. A company that understands your compliance and CPD needs, even if you don’t! You need a trustworthy, certified, reliable training partner. Well, that’s us.

We have a huge online training portfolio; that’s important as it means you or your employees do not need to interrupt the working week. Training can be done on desktop or mobile device, whether you’re at home or work.

Prefer classroom courses? Our network of instructors in the UK exceeds 1,000. That means we can send somebody directly to you or offer places for you to train in your immediate locality.

Want a mixture of both? The convenience of online training with the practical hands-on experience of classroom learning? Look no further! We offer blended training, which is new concept combining both training methods. It counts for just as much as the previous methods outlined, but is cheaper than a full classroom course and more fun than an online-only one!

The learning portal on our website helps you to track yours and your team’s progress. Each company and individual gets a login once they’re registered for a course.

Basically, we’re the full package. The real deal. The training partner you wish you had. The training partner you can have!

Call us on 01206 805359 or email  With over 1000 instructors across the UK, we are bound to find a solution to your training.

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