Become a GDPR PRO.

by Keith -

GDPRWe’ve beefed up our data protection course to comply with the latest legislation known as GDPR.

We know that it came into action last month so you all should be up-to-date, but there’s nothing wrong with a refresher! This course can be counted as professional development, and may just save you and your company a small fortune if you spot a breakdown in your processes after learning more about these new regulations.

You can find out if GDPR applies to you and if so, what parts of your business this will affect. The types of data that are protected and how each type needs to be looked after is also covered.

Other matters include:

  • Privacy principles
  • Principles and lawful basis for processing data
  • Minimising risks and holding data securely
  • Data Breaches
  • Data transfers
  • Data subjects rights

GDPR applies to business owners and employees, so you’ll be affected in some way. It’s best to learn now than find out when you’re found to be in breach. The fines are large but our course is £24.95 plus VAT!

Call us on 01206 805359 or email or visit Prefer a classroom course at your workplace? Give us a call, we have a national network of instructors who can visit your workplace.

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