Best of both worlds?

by Keith -

learningA recent study compared self-learning to a classroom course, with the aim of finding out whether the pure self-learning method was as effective. 

The result: “Self-learning is not inferior to facilitator-led learning in the short term. Self-learning resulted in a better retention of BLS-skills three months after training, when compared to facilitator-led training.” This means that people remembered more of their training when they taught themselves. Methods such as online training are ever-popular and the ProTrainings course in basic life support covers everything you need to know.

Not only that, but we over the best of both; blended learning is a mixture of online and classroom training, which judging by these results may even improve retention further. The same practical elements are included in the course, but because there’s an online part it requires less time stuck in the classroom. The convenience of online training is undeniable, with courses being available 24/7 across both mobile and desktop devices. There’s no need to leave home or the office, so it’s a win-win for the trainee and employer.

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