Temperature in the Workplace

Temperature in the WorkplaceThe temperature in workplaces is regulated to ensure a safe working environment. The law does not state a minimum or maximum temperature, but the temperature in workrooms should normally be at least 16°C or 13°C if much of the work involves rigorous physical effort.  There is not a maximum temperature, as this can vary massively depending on the industry and environment.  The regulations apply to employees, not members of the public.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 lays down particular requirements for most aspects of the working environment. Regulation 7 deals specifically with the temperature in indoor workplaces and states that:

During working hours, the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall be reasonable.’

However, applying the regulation depends on the nature of the workplace, such as a bakery, a cold store, an office, or a warehouse.