HSE Fatal injuries

HSE Fatal injuriesThe average annual number of workers killed at work over the past five years (2013/14-2017/18) is 141. Though only a small increase, with the current health and safety culture we’d have expected a drop in this figure. What can we do to help?

A number of methods could be employed to reduce this figure.

  1. Treat the issue of bad H&S. Obviously the main point here. Educate staff using training. Whether it’s generic H&S training or specific training for tasks that carry risk, companies have a responsibility to ensure staff are suitably prepared and trained to carry out their work.
  2. Be prepared to treat an injury. Nobody wants to think about the worst, but it’s important to be ready to act if somebody does suffer a serious and potentially life-threatening injury. Training and equipment are needed to carry out emergency life support, which could potentially keep somebody alive until help arrives.