Taxi drivers hail new defibs

by Keith -

AEDImagine how effective a fleet of over 21,000 defibrillators constantly roving London’s streets would be, in the tragic but likely scenario that one was needed. Something that would surely, make a huge step towards successfully using an AED within the golden period of 4 minutes? Well, this may be on the horizon, as The London Ambulance Service is running a pilot-scheme to fit defibs in hackney carriages across the capital!

The 6-month trial, in partnership with the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association, will see a number of black cab drivers trained by paramedics on how to perform CPR and use the defibrillators, fitted inside their taxis.

Drivers alerted to close-by emergencies via a mobile app, can make their way to the scene to provide life-saving support. For every minute that a cardiac arrest patient waits for medical help, their chance of survival decreases by 10 per cent; response time is critical.

Who knows, if successful, this scheme could well be rolled out to all hackney carriages in London – in excess of 21,000 vehicles!

We are huge fans of this initiative, which will undoubtedly improve response times and help to save lives. You can help the cause too…below are links where you can get your very own defib or get training on how to give CPR and use a defibrillator so that if the time comes you feel confident enough to save a life.

To purchase a defibrillator, click here: AED Defibrillator

To purchase CPR and defibrillator training, click here: AED Courses

For First Aid Equipment and CPR Manikins different brands and training equipment available including the Practi-Man Manikinrange, choking vests and AED Trainers and Live Units.

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