Steward First Aid Course Live – what are the requirements?

by Keith -

Since February the 1st, 2021, all newly qualified stewards have got to have first aid in their armoury. So as a steward, they have got to know how to put people into the recovery position, control breathing, use ADs and CPR. So stewards are expected to learn first aid and to use it when necessary. It has not been something that is required before, because it is been first aid as it grows, but increasingly, it is seen that stewards are an essential part of the first aid team and they are expected to do first aid while they call the qualified assistance. It is important that stewards have some training in first aid because they are usually the first people that any member of the public would alert if someone was feeling ill, had fallen over, the stewards are on the lookout in the crowd for anything untoward happening. So if they were to see something, they would be the first on the scene.

So as the first person on the scene, it would be much better if they have got some first aid knowledge than if they just manage the situation and call for help. So in the new spectator safety qualification, new stewards have to have first aid training.

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