Government adding CPR and First Aid training to school curriculum?

by Keith -

School first aidThe move we’ve all been waiting for; the Government has revealed plans to add basic life support CPR training for children into the national curriculum, helping to develop the future generation of lifesavers.

Whilst only in draft form, the new proposal would see this vital skills training added into health education classes in around two years’ time.

We’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to this topic, as it’s something we care deeply about. ProTrainings has been providing free student first aid to schools using E-Learning with an option of additional practical sessions for years now. Our network of over 1000 instructors can deliver face to face classroom courses on-site at schools, colleges or universities. This offer is now being extended to any type of children’s groups such as Scouts/Brownies and sports teams.

Keith Sleightholm, MD of ProTrainings and an avid campaigner for first aid training in schools said, “By offering our free and revolutionary video e-learning course to every school or similar organisation across the UK, there’s now no excuse to shy away from the subject. One hour is all it takes to instil this lifelong skill with the next generation, who will no doubt find it extremely useful for decades to come. And why wait? This is available right now!”

What can you do to help?

We need your support to ensure CPR training is added to the curriculum. A public consultation has been published and can be found here. You can take an online survey on this page to share your views, which will be taken into consideration when deciding on this change. We’ll certainly be filling it in at ProTrainings HQ!

But why wait? You can also sign up for the free ProTrainings course now. For more information, visit our dedicated new website, contact ProTrainings Europe Ltd on 01206 805359


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  2. Incidents can happen anywhere and anytime, we should prepared for such incidents. We should know at-least basic first aid techniques, so that we can save someone’s life before any medical help arrives. There are so many First aid course out there, but only go for the one which is the best among all.

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