Real Life: Pamela and Meningitis

by Keith -

MeningitisSuffering from a distinctive set of symptoms she’d learned about on her ProTrainings first aid course, Pamela knew that she was suffering from Meningitis.

A headache, sensitivity to bright lights, and not being able to move her chin down to her chest, all added up in Pamela’s head and she realised that time was fo the essence.

Within an hour, she was being sick and displaying a meningitis rash, so it’s a good job this trained first aider knew to get herself to A&E as quickly as possible.

Pamela had a temperature of over 40 degrees and was tacicardic. However, within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital, she was on antibiotics for meningitis and on the road to recovery.

“I possibly saved my own life and proved how others can do this and save others’ lives too, just by taking some time to do some training”, said Pamela.

“Knowing your stuff about First Aid is extremely useful and clearly the way Keith teaches this on the videos and the PowerPoints empowers people to make correct choices. I’m living proof of that.”

The whole team at ProTrainings wish Pamela the best, as she’s still in hospital on IV fluids and antibiotics. A full recovery should be possible, and that’s down to being proficient in recognising the signs early and taking confident action; something only possible when you’re trained to do so.

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