New RapidStop® Tourniquet available – very fast application tourniquet

by Keith -

Rapid-Stop-TourniquetThe RapidStop ® tourniquet has just been launched and available in three colours, orange, black or blue for training. RapidStop® features a versatile design that is very easy to use and has a simple ratchet action allowing it to be very quickly on a patient or self-applied. We have extensively tested it and feel that it is much easier to use and more effective than others on the market.

The RapidStop® Tourniquet relies on key technologies to achieve rapid, intuitive and easy one-hand self-application. Application is even faster when a responder uses both hands to apply the tourniquet to a victim.

The RapidStop® Tourniquet achieves full occlusion reliably and rapidly. It requires only gross motor control, allowing self-application to be readily possible. The RapidStop® Tourniquet is appropriate for controlling haemorrhage for injuries to both the arms and legs.

An individual who has sustained an injury to the arm or a leg and fully severed either the brachial, radial or ulnar artery has a window of approximately 60 seconds to stabilise the limb before decreasing blood pressure renders the individual unconscious. Shock can set in even sooner. Achieving full occlusion in the shortest time possible is critical. Faster application means the injured are stabilized sooner and/or more victims can be saved.

In places where people work daily with dangerous equipment on a construction site, oil rig, lumber yard, machine shop or distribution warehouse, RapidStop® Tourniquet should be at hand to mitigate the risk of death through serious limb injury.

We are adding a video on the RapidStop® tourniquet to our catastrophic bleeding course shortly.  If you need training in catastrophic bleeding as video online or face to face at your workplace, please contact us on 01206 805359.

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