Complete your regulated course without having to enter a classroom

by Keith -

A regulated qualification is a qualification that is provided through an Awarding Organisation, recognised and regulated by one of the UK Regulators (e.g. Ofqual in England or SQA Accreditation in Scotland). The certificate of achievement awarded to successful learners will contain the logo of our chosen Awarding Organisation, Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), and the relevant UK Regulator along with the full qualification title and number.

A regulated qualification demonstrates that the learner has attained a qualification approved by both a UK Regulator and recognised Awarding Organisation who also provide a funding service for their qualifications

We have a number of regulated courses which can either be taken as a classroom course with one of our approved instructors, as a virtual class using our remote training platform with a real instructor or online with marking and ID checks by a real instructor.  You will gain the same regulated qualification whichever option you choose.

This means that there is the option for you to gain the full regulated qualification without having to attend a classroom course.  Once you complete the online part, you download the open response test which you complete in word format, digitally sign and email to  We then mark your open response and send it back it back if it needs more work.  You then book a Zoom video meeting where we answer any questions and carry out an ID check.

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