High quality plasters – an effective alternative to conventional plasters

by Keith -

One of the biggest problems with plasters is they simply do not stay on enough. This is the AeroPlast range, they are a much higher quality plaster. They do cost more money, but they are well worth it. There is no point in having a plaster if it is just going to fall off. They are available in assorted boxes and also single boxes and with these plasters, they are very easy to use, they are very safe, and they are available in three main types: The waterproof, the fabric and also the detectable ones for catering.

This range is also available as an extra-wide plaster. An advantage of these is you can literally just take the top of the box off and then you can take the first plaster out and without touching the rest of them. They all work on a concertina basis. Inside the box is a little Z concertina there and it forces the plasters further forward, so it is very easy to just take one plaster out without getting blood or any dirt on the rest of the plasters in the box.

For more information and to order, go to www.first-aid-online.co.uk or call us on 01206 809538.

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