Burns kits – what is inside a burns kit

by Keith -

This is the first aid online burns kit. Inside the plastic case, there are 12 items in there, and the first thing you will notice with them, they are different from other burns kits, because you literally just open up the burns kit and all the bits and pieces are there, so you to stand the whole casing into the case and then you can find where everything is. You have not got things underneath other things.

Inside the kit, you have got gloves, because it is very important to put gloves on when dealing with any burn. You have also got burns dressings and these are the liquid gel type brands dressings and also there are more burns fluid you can put on to there if it is just a smaller burn or if you are dealing with and needed topping up that a bit more. As well as in the kit, you have got bandages, so you can hold any burns dressing in place and also there are some shears to cut away clothing.

If you need to top up the burns kit after you have used it or once the unit has expired, then you can just get a nice, simple, easy kit and this is just the contents, they are exactly the same in this kit, you literally take this content, take the plastic wrapper off, place it in the kit and then it is ready to use. And you can dispose of the old kit once you have used it or if everything is out of date in there.

If you want more information on these kits or to buy them, go to www.first-aid-online.co.uk or call us on 01206 809538.

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