NEW ‘Connected’ Defibrillators for Fleet Management

by Keith -

HeartSine GatewayDefibrillator manufacturer HeartSine has introduced a new ‘Gateway’ add-on for its AEDs, enabling the easy management of a defib fleet across single or multiple locations.

The system provides remote readiness information about each AED via a Wi-Fi® connection to the ‘LIFELINK central’ program manager or ‘LIFENET®’ system. This reports information like the results of the weekly AED self-test, including if the AED battery is low, pad expiration dates and more.

Once connected, the AED is able to independently monitors and report on its own readiness, sending email alerts when it reaches low battery power or is out of operational temperature range so action can be taken.

‘Gateway’ is backwards compatible, fitting to HeartSine SAM 350P, SAM 360P and SAM 500P AEDs. It’s self-powered, preserving the defib’s battery life by using its own off-the-shelf batteries.

Learn more or purchase the Gateway here in our shop.

New HeartSine defibrillator models can be supplied with the Gateway add-on too. These are referred to as ‘Connected’ AEDs.

See these here: HeartSine Gateway or call us on 01206 805380 for more details or to order.

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