Foreign Objects in the Ears and Nose

by Keith -

Children often push items in their ears and up their noses. Other small items can be lodged in the ears or nose and cause injury. Sometimes the item causes no pain others are painful but both can be distressing to the child and parent.  Inside the ears is where our balance is controlled so when an object is lodged in the ear balance and nausea can occur as we’ll as hearing loss and pain. It is very hard to remove an item in the ear as you easily push it so the advice is to seek medical assistance so it can be removed correctly.
There is a possible exception to this advice, where an insect enters the ear. If this happens you can tilt the head so the affected ear is facing up, and carefully pour water in the ear which can float the insect out. If this does not work, seek medical assistance.
Items in the nose will restrict breathing and again can be painful and distressing. If something is stuck in the nose you must get medical assistance as if you try to remove it you will not only push it further in but also do more damage. There are lots of blood vessels  close the he skin in the nose and these can easily be damaged causing bleeding.  With both the ears and the nose, try to reassure the child at all time and transport to a doctor or hospital.

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