CPD – 85 Ways to Complete Your CPD

by Keith -

FAWManualCPD can be completed with 85 different video online courses with ProTrainings.  In the 85 courses, there are courses in first aid, health & safety, data protection, social care skills, office skills to name a few.   The courses work by registering online or contacting ProTrainings to set up a company dashboard.  Once set up you log in and then start the training.  The course comprises of short videos followed by knowledge review questions and a final test.

As you go through the course to support learning, you have written text on each of the videos and you can download a student manual and other downloads and links.

You can retake the test if you need to and review the video if you need to go over any again.

Once your course is finished you can download and print your completion certificate, certified CPD statement and evidenced based learning statement.

ProTraining believe that learning should not finish when the courses so you have access to the course for 8 months to review views and view the latest updates,  You can also opt for a free weekly video email update every Monday to give you a subject of the week and news form the blog.


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