Cough Cough *Fake News* Cough CPR

by Keith -

Cough CPRThe phrase ‘fake news’ is thrown around a lot lately. We know that so-called ‘fake news’ is annoying and misleading, but it’s apparent that the story we’re about to cover may end up costing lives! Make no mistake – the following story is FAKE NEWS.

Cough CPR – ‘When experiencing a heart attack, coughing forcefully every few seconds in a rhythm will help me make my way to help”

A potentially-deadly rumour, circulating for over 20 years and now picking up pace on social media. Those sharing this post probably think they’re doing their friends and family members a favour; in fact there’s little/no evidence to suggest that this could make a difference to survival. It’s counter-intuitive, as it distracts people from doing what IS advised in these situations – staying put and calling for help!

The Resuscitation Council (UK) has received enquiries from people who have read this story online. It has published an article online, saying it is ‘concerned’ by the advice that someone who is having a heart attack should ‘cough repeatedly and – whilst continuing to do that – get themselves to a hospital.’

It hypothesises that the incorrect advice is ‘probably based on a few published case reports of people with sudden cardiac arrest being able to maintain a heartbeat, and therefore a circulation, by repeated vigorous coughing.’

We all want to stress that the correct advice for anyone who thinks they may be having a heart attack is to call 999 immediately and follow the call handler’s advice until help arrives.

If you want to help somebody in need, don’t share ‘fake news’ articles. Instead, learn how to give effective CPR and use a defibrillator. Maybe one day, you could save a life. Sign up for the course here:

You can read the full article by The Resuscitation Council (UK) here:

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