CellAED® presented by Dr Steven Brooks

by Keith -

Too many people die at home because they don’t receive defibrillation in time.

CellAED® is your handheld, smart personal defibrillator, for use together with CPR, in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

Dr Steven Brooks is the Chief Medical Officer of Rapid Response Revival, the company that makes CellAED®. In this video, he talks more about the groundbreaking device and the new opportunities it could lead to.

Find out more about CellAED® by heading to www.yourpersonalaed.co.uk.

You can complete our CPR and CellAED® course for free when you purchase a live unit through ProTrainings or First Aid Online. In stock now with free delivery! 

Every Second Counts, Every Heart Matters: Trust CellAED®


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