AED units, what are they and do they have to cost so much?

by Keith -

AED LifePoint AED ProAED units are becoming widely available but why do we have them? Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of premature death in the UK, but with immediate treatment, many lives can be saved. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs because the electrical rhythm that controls the heart is replaced by a chaotic disorganised electrical rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF). The quicker VF can be treated by defibrillation with an AED unit, the greater the chance of successful resuscitation.

CPR on its own extends the chance of survival of the patient before the medical professionals arrive and calling them as soon as possible is essential. CPR alone will not bring them back to life, an AED unit is required. For every minute delay in an AED arriving, the patients chance of survival decreases by 10%. The emergency medical services will bring an AED, but if you have one to hand, you can use it and hopefully bring them back to life sooner.

AED units are very easy to use by anyone as they talk you though the whole process and the never allow a shock to be delivered when its not needed or by accident. An AED unit is a battery powered, self contained piece of equipment that are becoming very popular and can be found in business, railway stations, airports, shopping or sports centres and many other places. One barrier for businesses and organisations in getting an AED is the cost. Most AED units on the market now, cost between £900 and £1500 and this is too expensive to justify.

AED’s do not have to cost this much, ProTrainings have a brand new full feature live AED units with full accessory kit (scissors, gloves, shaver), carry case and a 5 year warranty for £795+VAT including two free of charge video based AED E-Learning courses worth £50.00 + VAT. ProTrainings can also offer discounted training packages as video online or face to face training nationally at your workplace.

For more information or a quotation for multiple units, please contact or 01206 805359 or visit our online first aid website


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