What is a breathing stoma

by Keith -

shutterstock_157672181A stoma is a hole (opening) made in the skin in front of your neck to allow you to breathe. It is at the base of your neck. Through this hole, air enters and leaves your windpipe (trachea) and lungs.

If you still have your voice box and this hole is temporary, it is called a tracheostomy. The stoma is held open by a tracheostomy tube. You may have a temporary tracheostomy

  • After surgery to the voice box
  • After radiotherapy, if you have swelling in and around your voice box

You have the tracheostomy until the voice box heals. Then, the tracheostomy tube is taken out and the hole heals up by itself.

Read the full story at www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-help/type/larynx-cancer/living/stoma/starting-out-with-a-breathing-stoma

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